The Importance of Chimney Caps

The nostalgia fireplaces invoke in family rooms is both sentimental and timeless. However, fireplaces require an extra level of maintenance to ensure they function properly and safely. One feature that many homeowners neglect to install or inspect is a chimney cap. These ventilated covers both repel rain water and debris and also prevent the need for animal removal from chimneys.

Animals Found in the Chimney

Bats, mice, and squirrels are all able to enter homes easily through even the smallest holes. These pests sometimes enlarge tiny cracks in order to get inside, as well. Since most chimneys are sufficiently wide for bigger pests like raccoons, chimney cap installation is key to keeping bats, mice, squirrels, and other problem animals out.

Excluding and Removing Infestations

When existing appliances are damaged, chimney cap repair is also necessary. This is vital to preventing infestations because, once pests are already in the chimney, animal removal can be difficult. Those that get trapped inside and die may create foul odors and breed maggots.

Even worse than a dead animal in the chimney is a pest that actually makes it inside the house and begins to nest. This opens homeowners up to a slew of potential problems from damaged or contaminated food to property damage. For help with animal removal from a chimney or other exclusion techniques such as chimney capping, contact the trained professionals at Trutech.