Using Bird Nets

Birds love berries and will eat them long before humans think they are ripe. That means protection for cherry trees, tomatoes, strawberries, and other edible plants should begin well before color starts to show. The most popular way of doing this is through the use of anti-bird netting for gardens and fruit trees.

In gardens, draping bird control netting over a row of plants and securing it to the ground provides inexpensive cover. For longer rows, raised garden bed bird netting can be affixed to a wood frame. The longer the row, the heartier the frame should be. Bird netting for fruit trees should also be attached to a frame that holds it away from the tree. Even though bird nets are lightweight and porous, strong winds exert surprisingly heavy force on them. Failure to adequately secure the netting and frame can result in flapping that pulls off fruit or even causes nets to collapse completely.


Once birds have found food, it’s difficult to discourage them from continued feeding. If they keep up their assault on trees and gardens even after netting to prevent birds has been installed, help is available. The animal control experts at Trutech can secure homes and properties safely and professionally.