Snakes in Dallas-Fort Worth

Snakes typically enter a home or a business searching for food, water, or shelter, especially during the summer months. In Texas, snakes will often retreat from the heat by entering a building.

Texas is home to over 100 species and subspecies of snakes. Although most of those snakes are not venomous, if you encounter a snake in your house, it is best to call a professional. Don’t risk being bitten by trying to remove a snake on your own. In addition, snakes play a great ecological role, so it is important that you do not indiscriminately kill a snake.

Are Snakes Common in Dallas-Fort Worth?

There are over 30 species of snakes found in the Dallas area.  The vast majority are perfectly harmless, nonvenomous snakes.  By far, the most common species seen around Dallas is the Texas Rat Snake, which is not venomous.

Out of those thirty species, only four are venomous:

  • Rattlesnakes
  • Copperheads
  • Cottonmouths
  • Texas Coral Snake

When Are Snakes Active in Dallas-Fort Worth?

Breeding season for snakes begins in late February or early March, but snakes in Dallas-Fort Worth are most active in the spring when the temperature averages 65 degrees. During the day, snakes in Fort Worth typically find resting areas that have temperatures ranging from 73 to 88 degrees. When temperatures exceed 90 degrees, snakes become more active at night.

Fort Worth Snake Removal

A snake in Fort Worth escaped the summer heat by sheltering in the pipes at Hobby Lobby. Our wildlife technician used a catchpole to humanely remove the snake.

Rattlesnake Removal in West Texas 

These homeowners saw this rattlesnake slither across their yard towards the house. We found evidence of the snake under the porch and some potential entry points.  

We utilized a snake repellent that drove the rattlesnake into a trap. We released the snake on a secluded section of the property. After the snake was removed, we sealed the potential entry points to keep any future snakes out of the house. Because a snake on your property usually indicates there is a food source, we also provided a full home inspection for rodents.