Identifying Wild Hog Problems

Wild hog poop is one of the earliest signs of the pests’ presence. Their droppings appear in small, irregular clumps that look similar to deer or dog feces. The appearance of wild hog droppings can vary, but they are still recognizable to those who know what to look for.

What Does Wild Hog Scat Look Like?

Available food has an effect on the color and texture of droppings. A wild hog diet that consists of acorns produces dark, hard scat with flakes of acorn shell visible inside. Fruit, like persimmons and plums, results in lighter, softer droppings that contain specks of red or black.

What To Do After Finding Wild Hog Poop

Property owners who find wild hog scat likely have these animals in the area. The pests can become hostile if cornered, so people who find their waste should seek professional help. The wildlife experts at Trutech can identify a wild hog presence and work to control the problem safely.