Are Wild Hogs Dangerous to Humans?


Like most types of wildlife, these animals try to avoid people. However, because they can weigh well over 100 pounds and grow sharp tusks, wild hogs are dangerous to people in some cases. Attacks are rare, but the pests may charge at hunters or hikers if cornered or protecting their young.


In addition, wild hogs are dangerous due to the bacteria and viruses they carry. E. coli infection, brucellosis, and rabies can all transfer from feral pigs to humans or pets. Those who hunt and consume these animals are most at risk for wild hog diseases.

Safety Issues and Pest Control

Some people remove wild hogs by hunting. This method has its hazards and is not always successful. Removing one animal often doesn’t make enough impact to end wild hog problems like yard damage or disease transmission to livestock

Traps are an effective option, but require professional set-up to work properly. Because wild hogs are dangerous, homeowners who notice these pests on their property should call Trutech. Trained experts can provide safe and reliable removal.