Hearing Squirrel Sounds in Walls?

squirrel removalAdept climbers, squirrels easily navigate the obstacles of residential neighborhoods and venture inside homes. They use tree branches that hang over roofs and power lines to gain access to the upper levels of homes, and then weasel their way inside via holes in building exteriors, vents, and chimneys. After they’ve found their way into a building, the pests often hole up in wall voids as these areas provide warmth and anonymity.

Signs of Squirrels in the Walls

Once infestations of squirrels in the walls are established, the pests leave evidence of their presence. Indicators include noises like squeaking, scratching, scurrying, and gnawing, as well as unpleasant odors produced by urine and excrement. On occasion, individual squirrels will die while inside wall voids, which leaves behind a distinct putrid odor and requires walls to be destroyed in order to remove the bodies.

Need for Removal

Despite the fact that they’re often thought of as cute, squirrels stuck in the walls pose serious health risks and cause structural damage to homes. As they continually chew on objects to keep the length of their teeth manageable, the pests will gnaw through wood and wires. Additionally, accumulations of squirrel waste can spread various diseases. To avoid injury or accident, residents should call in wildlife removal experts to deal with infestations of squirrels in walls.