Are Squirrels Rodents?

Most people know that rats are members of the rodent family, though few realize that rats and squirrels are closely related. In fact, rats and squirrels have a number of similarities:

  • Both pests must constantly gnaw on wood and other items to wear down their ever-growing teeth.
  • Tree squirrels are known for their bushy tails, while rat tails are notoriously scaly.
  • Their diets are quite similar, as both are omnivores.

Though the two pests have similar habits as well as habitats, telling them apart is crucial to successful removal from the home.

Squirrel vs. Rat Signs

Backside of a squirrelRoof rat in corner of house

Both squirrels and rats can enter a house through even the smallest of cracks in foundations and attics. Once inside, these pests chew on structural supports, build nests out of insulation, and even cause electrical fires by gnawing on wiring.

Certain signs can help distinguish which pest is present. One of the best ways to tell the difference between squirrels and rats is their droppings. Shape is the defining factor between squirrel poop vs. rat poop.

Squirrel droppings are oval, while rat feces tend to be longer and rod shaped. Homeowners also tend to find rat poop scattered about because the pests are constantly on the move.

Controlling Both Squirrels and Rats

Once either pest is inside, trouble is sure to follow. Aside from issues with their chewing and waste, rats and squirrels can also transmit disease and parasites. Since the two rodents have so many similarities, contacting the professionals at Trutech can help identify and control the problem.