squirrel removalTree squirrels are extremely common throughout the country. Eastern gray squirrels, western gray squirrels, red squirrels, and fox squirrels are skillful climbers and well adapted to life among the branches of hardwood and coniferous trees. These pests typically make their nests in hollow tree cavities or construct bowl-like structures out of clumps of leaves, grass, and twigs high up in the branches.

Signs of Squirrels in Trees

Infestations of squirrels in trees will be readily apparent as the bushy-tailed rodents are often seen scampering about yards and climbing up tree trunks. Their clawed feet make them excellent climbers, but they tend to leave visible scratches on trunks, fences, and house exteriors. Tree squirrels can also be extremely vocal animals, chattering and squeaking as they chase each other about. Finally, homeowners should be able to determine which trees are housing populations of the pests by looking for squirrel nests in tree branches.

Damage & Removal

The damage tree squirrels inflict on yards or homes can be quite severe. They make messes of unsecured garbage bins, destroy bird feeders, eat fruits and veggies from backyard gardens, and dig holes in the ground in search of seeds and nuts. The pests are also capable of spreading diseases such as salmonella, rabies, and plague. Furthermore, squirrels in trees are likely to make their way indoors when cold weather arrives, destroying attic vents, window screens, and siding to gain access to warm attics. To ensure that squirrels do not become nuisances on private properties, individuals should contact the pest control professionals at Trutech. Our experienced wildlife removal technicians can get rid of troublesome squirrels in trees and help secure homes against infestations.

Questions Customers Have About Squirrels in Trees


We have squirrels in our backyard, and they are becoming a problem by tearing up our roof and siding. How do you get rid of squirrels, and how do you keep them from coming back? What are your costs for this service?

-Southlake, TX


Of all the pests and animals we deal with, squirrels are one of the most common. It sounds like we need to take a look and make certain they are only in the backyard and not gaining entrance to the home. It’s sometimes difficult to think these cute furballs can be so destructive. We can develop a strategy to control the population and keep them from destroying your home.


We are getting overrun with squirrels in our yard. Do you have a method of humane removal?

-Durham, NC


Squirrels in the yard can become very troublesome. Squirrels routinely damage personal property like lawn cushions (to use the stuffing for nesting materials). They also create markings on the sides of homes to mark their territory, which sometimes leads to the squirrels getting into attics. Live trapping in the lawn or trees can provide relief; however, complete control would require ongoing services to keep a new population from taking over the territory left void.