How Do Snakes Get Into Walls?

Snakes are nimble creatures able to squeeze into tight crevices and small spaces. They can find their way into buildings and walls through cracks and gaps in siding, windows, screens, brick, and wood foundations. The legless pests also gain access to homes and walls through drainage systems.

What Brings Snakes Inside?

Home and business owners often find snakes in the walls due to the warmth that modern buildings provide. The reptiles move indoors to live in the heated, insulated comforts of homes and businesses, especially during the cooler weather of fall, winter, and early spring.

Snakes also follow their food sources indoors, such as small mammals and birds, which often migrate or set up residence in homes and businesses for similar reasons.

How do I get rid of a snake in my wall?

Finding a snake in the wall should always be taken seriously. Though not all snakes are venomous, the pest reptiles can still bite or strike if threatened and put small children and pets at serious risk of injury. Exclusion methods, like caulking windows or sealing cracks, gaps, or holes in foundations, are typically the best routes to take to prevent snakes in walls.

However, repeat infestations may occur without the expert knowledge of pest control professionals. Contact the wildlife removal specialists at Trutech to avoid continuous problems and eliminate snake infestations safely and efficiently.