How Snakes End Up in the Bathroom

Snakes typically enter homes in search of food or shelter from the elements. Bathrooms, specifically the spaces around toilets and drains, are ideal hiding places thanks to their high moisture levels and relative darkness. Snakes gain access to these areas via the gaps around pipes where they enter buildings, or by swimming through plumbing into toilets.

Since some home-invading species are venomous, having snakes in toilets and bathrooms is dangerous, especially when house residents are unaware of their presence. Even non-venomous snakes pose threats, as they will lash out and bite if they feel cornered or threatened.

Prevention & Removal

In order to reduce the possibility of finding snakes in the bathroom or toilet, homeowners should take preventative measures such as sealing off gaps around pipes and electrical conduits. Residents should not try to remove the pests without professional assistance. The trained technicians at Trutech have the experience, tools, and expertise to safely and humanely remove snakes in the bathroom.