Why Snakes Enter Yards

Snakes enjoy locations that offer both ample cover from predators and plenty of food. Potential food sources range from rodents and other small mammals, to reptiles and amphibians as well as insects. Many yards contain at least some form of snake food and often provide enough cover for use as shelter.

Yards harboring an abundance of food sources and sheltered locations attract high numbers of snakes and increase the potential for human encounters with the reptiles. Snakes in the grass or yard act as a form of natural pest control, but can also create undesirable outcomes.

Problems Caused by Snakes in Grass

People who live within the range of venomous snakes should take the pests seriously and proceed with caution in suspected habitats. Once snakes are in the yard, they can easily enter buildings, where uncomfortable encounters are likely to arise and the potential for bites increases.

Snake bites are painful even when the snake lacks venom. It may be due to the possibility of a bite that creates fear of the animals. Both pets and children in snake-ridden areas are at high risk of encountering a snake in the grass, as they traditionally frequent and play in yards.

Control & Removal

Snake problems should be solved by pest management professionals. Never attempt to touch or hold snakes, as they are wild animals and will bite when frightened. Property owners can modify existing habitats to make yards less snake-friendly. Be sure to keep grass short and remove other sources of cover like wood piles or trash strewn about the yard.

Eliminate possible food sources, as snakes in the yard will increase if an abundance of prey is present. Building snake-proof fences is another way to help keep the reptiles at bay. Your local wildlife control team at Trutech is best suited to craft a snake removal solution specific to your individual needs.

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I’d like to find out about snake prevention for my yard.

-Atlanta, GA


Trutech can provide snake control at your property. Our first step is a visit to your home, at which point we will conduct a full inspection of your property and your home. Inspecting the inside of your home is just as important as the outside because snake activity is driven by one thing: a food source. If you have a rodent or pest control issue inside or around your home, in all likelihood, that is the reason you are seeing snakes. Inspections of both your crawlspace and attic space are vital in order to determine the snakes’ food source. During the course of our inspection, if we find any snakes, we will remove them if possible.

Following the inspection, we will recommend a snake control program based on our findings. The best way to control snake activity is to reduce their food sources. We can accomplish this by conducting a regularly scheduled pest control service in order to reduce insect activity in and around your home. If there is an underlying rodent issue, we will trap and bait to reduce that population. A snake deterrent, as well as snake traps, can also be applied and placed around your yard.


Can you recommend a great snake repellant to spray around the yard?

-Montgomery, AL


During the warm months, snakes can be a common wildlife problem that homeowners face. Trutech can certainly take care of any snake problems.

Once onsite, our technician will perform a full inspection of the property to search for and remove any snakes. The technician will also be looking for potential harborage sites as well as any vulnerabilities around your home that could provide an entrance for a snake. In most cases, this is something we will do on a monthly basis. In addition to monthly inspections, we will set up snake traps, bait stations for food elimination, and a repellant application will be put around the property.


I have been seeing more garter snakes and it’s causing me anxiety about maintaining and using the yard. Is there any way to be rid of them and keep them from returning?

-Wheat Ridge, CO


Thank you for your question. Garter snakes follow pheromone trails of other garter snakes to find den locations and a mate. This can attract hundreds of snakes to a single area. To help control this pest, Trutech uses several methods of control such as repellants and food source reduction. As a homeowner, you also can help with the process by modifying the property landscaping. Keeping leaf litter picked up, keeping the lawn mowed, or reducing ground cover like Juniper bushes minimizes the areas the snakes have to harbor. Complete control does take time to achieve and Trutech will establish a comprehensive service to keep the snakes from becoming out of control.