How Snakes Get Into Homes

Snakes in the house typically enter either by accident or in search of food and shelter. Either way, most snakes tend to come in at the ground floor of a structure. The reptiles find entrances via gaps under doors or openings in the walls and foundations, around plumbing and vents, and even through pet doors.

Snakes prefer to hide in well-covered areas outside, including firewood piles, leaf litter, tall grasses, and rock walls. If such areas are near the structure, snakes can easily gain access to the home.

Where They’re Found

Homeowners may find snakes in various areas of the home, but most are found in basements, crawl spaces, dirt cellars, and garages. Certain tree dwelling snakes can enter into attics through holes in the roof, as well.

What Attracts Them

Snakes in the house find their way inside by following food sources such as mice and rats. Once snakes realize that there is an easy food source, they will move in. Finding shed skins usually points to snakes taking up long-term residence. Other times, snakes enter the home by mistake and are generally searching for a way out when homeowners encounter them.

Prevent & Remove Snakes in House

It takes a combination of different actions to keep snakes from entering the house. Exclusion, habitat modification, and eliminating potential food sources should all be used together to ensure that snakes do not get into homes.

Depending on the region of the country, homeowners may face both venomous and non-venomous snake incursions. Any cornered snake can strike whether venomous or not, making it highly advisable to contact the trained professionals at Trutech to eliminate and remove snakes in the house.

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I am interested in taking measures to “snake-proof” my yard and home.

– Fort Belvoir, VA

For snake issues, we focus on removing the problem snake. More importantly, we figure out why that snake was attracted to the home. Usually, there is some food source drawing it in. Once the initial problem is resolved, we then focus on preventing other snakes from coming into the area.

In addition to sealing areas into the home, we use deterrents as well as food source reduction to help prevent future snake issues. We also offer snake removal with the preventative service, so If an issue arises, we can come out and resolve it!

Our initial service can take anywhere from a day to a few weeks, depending on how bad the problem is. The preventative services would be set up so that we would come out on a regular basis, usually every 30 days, and you would want to keep this for as long as you wanted snake control around the home.