What Attracts Snakes to Garages?

Snakes are natural predators that hunt insects and small rodents. When unsecured containers of pet food or bird seed in the garage attract mice and cockroaches, it can create an ideal hunting ground for snakes. On hot, sunny days, snakes may also be attracted to the cool shade of an open garage, where they can take up residence beneath piles of junk, debris, or lumber.

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Entry Points

Snakes in garages usually get there by slithering through an open door or a crack in the wall. However, they are also very good climbers and can enter through unsecured windows, loose roof tiles, or vents. Small opening around pipes, loose boards, and improperly sealed garage doors are all potential entry points.


Homeowners can detect the presence of a snake in the garage by looking for discarded snake skins left behind from the molting process. The reptiles can also be found basking in the warm sunlight on the driveway. Signs of rodent infestations often coincide with snake infestations in many areas throughout the country.


Remove Snake in Garage

Inexperienced or untrained individuals should never attempt to handle wild snakes. Even the bite of a non-venomous snake can be extremely painful and lead to serious infection. When residents discover a snake in the garage, the best course of action is to call a professional wildlife control service. The snake removal experts at Trutech can help get rid of snakes and safeguard the home and garage against further snake problems.

Questions Customers Have about Snakes in the Garage


Someone saw a snake going into my garage. By the description, we think it may be a coral snake. We have not been able to find it, and I am told it is almost impossible to do so. I would appreciate your input as to what may be done.

-Tuscaloosa, AL


Snakes, like all wildlife, should be handled by a professional who is trained on how to properly and safely control the situation. Any and all persons or pets should be kept out of the area the snake was last seen. For controlling measures, a professional should safely look for signs of snake activity and the snake itself. All signs of potential snake prey should be noted. More often than not, rodent and/or insect control should be applied. Snake traps and snake repellent are always a good idea to help control snakes in the area. We will also inspect for any areas that should be sealed up to help keep snakes out of your home.



My son saw a big snake in front of the guest house, and he found a snake’s skin inside the garage. He is living here with his pregnant wife and my two granddaughters, who are 4 and 1 years old. I want to know if you can help him to relocate the snakes or help us to make this place a safer one.

-Tulsa, OK


Snakes are very beneficial to the environment and fill a very specific niche, that being said they can also be very dangerous. Some snakes are venomous and can be deadly. Even non-venomous snakes can be dangerous as infection can occur from a bite. Signs of snake activity, including snake skins, holes, and physical sightings, can help to determine what snakes are doing on your property and when they are doing it. Snake activity can be limited greatly by reducing enticing environmental factors such as food supply, nesting areas, and moisture. Snakes are often attracted to an area by following food sources. Rats, mice and reptiles make up most snakes diets. Limiting the population of food sources can reduce the snakes desire to be in an area. Keeping trees and foliage trimmed back from the house can help to reduce hiding areas and nesting spots. Limiting standing water sources and overly moist conditions can further limit snake activity. Trutech technicians are experts at identifying factors and conditions that will increase snake activity. We can effectively trap snakes utilizing various traps and baits, as well as using snake deterrents to discourage snakes from wanting to stay in an area. We can also limit food sources to decrease a snakes desire to remain in area. Never approach a snake unless you have been properly trained to identify and handle reptiles. Treat all snakes as if they are venomous and call Trutech to identify and control your snake problems.