How Do Snakes Get into Crawl Spaces?

Snakes typically enter homes at the ground level. Cracks in building foundations or walls larger than 1/4 of an inch in diameter are wide enough for most species of home-invading snakes to slither through and are the most common point of entrance for the pests. Vents, pipes, the spaces under doors, and gaps around utility and plumbing lines also make suitable entrances. After they’ve invaded, snakes look for dim, moist, and secluded areas to set up nests.

What Attracts Them?

Dark, damp locations make perfect overwintering sites for snakes, who often hole up in crawl spaces when temperatures begin to drop. In the spring and summer, the pests tend to congregate in these areas looking for food like various species of rodents and insects. If snakes feel safe and have consistent access to food, they may decide to lay eggs. Residents may find multiple snakes in the crawl space, as a few species nest together.


Property owners can do things like remove debris from lawns, keep grass short, and seal cracks and gaps around home exteriors to reduce the possibility of attracting snakes in crawl spaces. Since the pests can bite, and a few species are venomous, it is imperative for untrained individuals to refrain from handling or removing snakes without professional assistance.

Contact a wildlife removal expert as soon as snake infestations are discovered. The professionals at Trutech will efficiently and safely remove snakes in crawl spaces.