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Snakes are scale-covered reptiles common across all of the United States. There are more than 3,000 unique species of snakes living around the world, inhabiting every continent except Antarctica. Particularly if you live in a rural area, snakes are likely to live in and around your property. Not all snakes are poisonous, though many are. Although snakes feed on pesky rodents that may be lurking in your home, they can prove a real threat to you, your family, and your pets.

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If you have spotted a snake in your house or garage, then it may be time to call in the team of experts at Trutech to lend a hand. Here at Trutech, we specialize in solving all of your snake problems, no matter how big or small. If you have a deceased iguana carcass on your property, do not try and remove it yourself, as it could be potentially dangerous. One of our specialists knows exactly how to conduct a snake removal service on your property.

Our team of licensed specialists has the tools and knowledge that it takes to perform any snake control services necessary on your property. Our humane wildlife management tactics will give you peace of mind about the well-being of the animals in your ecosystem as well as your property.

But don’t wait until you or your pet is harmed by a snake-- Call the experts at Trutech today for assistance solving all of your snake removal needs!

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Ranging in color from dull brown and black to green, snakes maintain an appearance that usually depends on their surroundings. For example, aquatic snakes have flattened bodies, while snakes that live in trees are typically longer and more slender than those that live on the ground. They are highly flexible and may feature patterns along their bodies that aid in camouflage. The shape of a snake’s head can be used to determine whether they’re likely to be dangerous or not, as venomous snakes usually have triangularly shaped heads.


Larger snakes, like pythons and boas, eat larger meals, such as deer or pigs. Smaller grass snakes mainly subsist on small insects, fish, and frogs. Most of the snakes found in the United States feed on rodents, birds, eggs, lizards, other snakes, and small mammals.


As exothermic reptiles, snakes need to regulate their body temperature and must live in areas with consistent access to heat. They prefer to inhabit deserts, forested regions, marshes, plains, and residential areas. Snakes make nests in the ground, treetops, swamps, on farms, in abandoned buildings, and in sheds. We most commonly remove snakes from properties in Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Louisiana, and South Carolina. Contact your local Trutech office today to learn about our snake removal and exclusion services!




Snakes enter both homes and yards in search of food and shelter. Generally shy, snakes avoid human contact when possible and nest in high grasses, wood piles, decks, barns, and sheds. The reptiles enter homes through gaps or cracks in building foundations.



The fear of snakes sometimes supersedes the actual problems associated with the pests. Some snakes feed on young chickens, though they usually target easier prey. Venomous snake bites cause pain and even fatality. When bitten, the snake-bite victim requires immediate medical attention.



Seal cracks and holes in home foundations to reduce the possibility of snakes entering. Remove hiding places and potential food sources by taking actions like maintaining lawns, storing wood piles off the ground and in sheds or barns, sealing trash bins with fitted lids, and cleaning clutter from basements and attics. Erecting snake-proof fences around gardens and sheds is another sound form of snake control.



When cornered, snakes will try to strike out and bite, so contacting a trained wildlife removal specialist is the safest option when it comes to snake control. The experts at Trutech humanely capture pest snakes to ensure the safety of all nearby residents.