skunk in grass

Skunk Tracks Identification

With their thick black fur and white stripes or spots, skunks have a distinctive appearance. However, the footprints they leave behind aren’t as easy to distinguish from other animals. Raccoon and skunk tracks are similar, as both pests have five toes.

Knowing which animal is infesting the property is crucial to effective removal. Because both are nocturnal, homeowners are unlikely to actually see them during the day. As a result, people may need to rely on tracks and other signs to decide whether they have a skunk or raccoon problem.

Skunk Tracks vs. Raccoon Tracks

Skunk Tracks: Often found near dens and digging sites. They resemble cat prints with five stubby toes, each featuring a rounded pad and a long claw mark.

Raccoon Tracks: Look like tiny human handprints. Their long fingers extend from the palm with no visible pads.

Locating Skunk Tracks

Skunks often dig burrows under porches and near foundations. Evidence of their presence includes droppings, shallow holes in lawns, and a foul scent. Skunk tracks in snow, dirt, and mud are also sure signs of infestation. To properly deal with skunks near homes, call the professionals at Trutech.