Why Skunks Go Under Homes

In the wild, skunks tend to move into the abandoned burrows of other animals instead of creating their own, despite being prolific diggers. For this reason, the pests take advantage of the ready-made spaces under houses, decks, and porches as burrows when in residential areas. They slip into these voids through gaps and holes in building foundations.

Damage Caused by Skunks

Since skunks are solitary, nocturnal creatures, humans rarely encounter them, even when the pests set up dens on lawns. Nevertheless, they cause property damage and put residents at risk of contracting various diseases. For instance, skunks feed on numerous insects and grubs and will dig conical holes 3 to 4 inches in diameter while searching for meals.

Property owners will also be able to smell their distinctive and malodorous musk when infestations of skunks under houses, decks, or porches are present. In addition to their smell and ability to damage property, the pests are known carriers of rabies, leptospirosis, distemper, and tularemia.

Prevention & Exclusion

The only surefire way to prevent infestations of skunks under the house, deck, or porch is to seal the holes big enough to provide entry. Individuals should secure gaps under decks and porches with wire mesh or sheet metal. Exterior vents should be capped with fitted covers, and holes in building foundations should be filled.

Furthermore, property owners can reduce the possibility of attracting skunks by limiting available food sources. This may entail getting locking lids for outdoor trash bins, bringing pet food inside overnight, and clearing fallen fruit and bird feeder debris regularly.


If infestations are already established, untrained individuals should never attempt to approach or remove skunks from under the house. Given the high population of skunks with rabies and the significant risk of scaring the pests, thus prompting them to spray, property owners are better off calling a professional wildlife removal services. The wildlife removal specialists at Trutech have the proper tools and licenses to safely remove skunks under houses, decks, or porches.

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Do you remove skunks from under homes? We think we have babies under the house.

-Kiethville, LA


We offer skunk trapping. These sessions typically last a week. If you know that there are babies, then you have likely seen them following mom around. If they are old enough to follow her out to forage, then they will be enticed by our bait, and we should be able to catch them as well.


We believe we have a family of skunks living under our deck. Would you be able to take care of this?

-Houston, TX


Trutech can most certainly resolve this human wildlife conflict. The first step is completing an inspection of the entire property to gain a full understanding of the skunk problem and other wildlife issues that may have drawn the animals to the property. Once the inspection is complete, all possible options will be reviewed to allow you to make the best decision for your property.

Skunks under a deck will involve a trapping session that is normally 7-10 days. This will be done using wrapped live cages to reduce the likelihood of the animals being stressed and spraying. Once the animals are removed, exclusion of the area will need to be completed to prevent a recurrence. After the animals are removed and the access points sealed off, any feces or nesting material will be removed. The final step will be to sanitize the affected area and treat for ecto-parasites.