Signs of a Skunk in Your Basement or Crawlspace

As they’ve adapted to life in residential neighborhoods, skunks commonly den in homes, especially in dark and warm areas like basements and crawlspaces. House residents can be alerted to the presence of these pests by smells, sights, and sounds. For example, individuals may smell an unpleasant, musky odor commonly associated with skunk infestations, see scratches on house siding where the pests have forced their way inside, and hear clawing and scurrying sounds coming from below.

Damage Caused by Skunks

While their dens may be located in basements or crawlspaces, skunks must forage elsewhere, such as lawns and trash bins, for food. The pests dig conical holes in the ground searching for grubs and pilfer vegetables from gardens. Individuals dealing with skunks in basements and crawlspaces will also encounter plenty of droppings around homes and yards, which stain walls, ceilings, and floors. The pest’s stench may saturate furniture and clothes stored in basements. Furthermore, skunks in crawl spaces or basements can die in these spaces, which contributes to the spread of disease.

Entry Points & Exclusion

Skunks are proficient burrowers and often enter basements and crawlspaces through holes in building foundations, ripped window screens, and uncovered vents. To prevent the pests from coming inside, homeowners should seal off gaps with wire mesh, concrete, or sheet metal. Further deter skunks from setting up dens on private properties by controlling the availability of insects in lawns and tightly securing trash lids. It is essential to not feed skunks or leave pet food outside.


Due to the odor of the pest’s spray and potential for disease transmission, it is inadvisable for homeowners to come into contact with skunks. Individuals dealing with the presence of a skunk in a basement or crawlspace should instead contact a professional pest control service. The trained wildlife removal experts at Trutech possess the knowledge necessary to handle and safely remove skunks in humane ways.