How Do Skunks Get Inside the Home?

As they love to feast on berries, garden vegetables, pet foods, insects, and even garbage, skunks are drawn to private properties with frequency. Once the pests find steady food sources, they’re likely to set up dens nearby. Since houses have many secluded nooks and offer protection from harsh weather, skunks often force their way inside. Uncovered vents, pet doors, open windows, and holes in building foundations all serve as prime entrances.

Damage Caused by Skunks in the House

Skunks are notorious for their sulfuric stench. When infestations are present in homes, residents will likely catch a whiff of their unpleasant odor, which is one of the more innocuous issues caused by skunks in houses. They also create messes by urinating and defecating close to their dens, wreak havoc on the structural integrity of buildings by burrowing under foundations, and spread disease. In fact, many skunks are rabid, which causes them to be aggressive and dangerous. The pests are also known carriers of leptospirosis, canine distemper, canine hepatitis, and tularemia.

Prevention & Exclusion

The best way to reduce the possibility of attracting skunks in houses is to bar their points of entry. To do this, property owners should fill cracks and holes in building foundations, cover any unprotected exterior vents, seal pet entrances overnight, and insert screens in all windows. Additionally, individuals should practice regular sanitation, erect fences around gardens, find locking lids for outdoor trash bins, and bring pet food inside in the evening.


Though they are typically docile creatures, skunks are quick to employ their stinky defense mechanism when they feel threatened. Furthermore, a significant number of skunks carries the rabies virus. To avoid being sprayed and to prevent the spread of disease, homeowners should contact the trained wildlife removal specialists at Trutech when faced with a skunk in the house. Our wildlife professionals remove pests humanely and offer detailed plans that help property owners prevent future infestations.

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How do we get rid of a skunk who has built a home in our front yard?

-Mesa, AZ


Very carefully! Trutech employees know how to safely trap and remove skunks. This includes avoiding getting sprayed as well as rabies. Trapping sessions of this nature typically last about one week.