What Do Skunk Holes Look Like?

Skunks dig holes in lawns and gardens to search for grubs and other insects. The holes are conical in shape and measure between three and four inches in diameter. Unlike holes left by other foraging animals, skunk holes tend to be neat in appearance and have smooth sides. The pests have also been known to peel away whole layers of sod up to 10 inches wide. Skunk holes in lawns tend to be spaced in a systematic pattern as the pests move strategically from area to area in search of new food.

Problems Caused by Skunk Holes

Aside from disturbing the aesthetic value of carefully cultivated landscaping, skunk holes in the lawn can cause injury when house residents trip. The holes also stunt grass growth. The existence of skunk holes in yards indicates there are skunk dens and infestations nearby. As such, individuals should take immediate action when they encounter the destruction. Call the professionals at Trutech for quick and efficient wildlife removal.