Are There Rats in Your Walls?

rat in wallsHuman houses provide shelter, warmth, and plentiful food, which makes them perfect nesting locations for Norway rats and roof rats. These pests climb walls, run across power lines, swim up through pipes, and squeeze in through small openings in the exterior of buildings to gain entry. Rats are particularly fond of settling in the dark, secluded areas between walls once they’re inside homes as these spaces have lots of insulation to tear apart and use for bedding as well as wooden boards to gnaw on. At night, these pests venture out into the body of houses to gather food from pantries, countertops, and garbage cans before retreating back to their nests in the walls.

Signs of Rats in the Walls

To detect the presence of rats in walls, residents should remain alert for rat droppings around homes, oily smudge marks, and gnawed holes in walls and food containers. Droppings are long, cylindrical pellets typically dark brown in color that can be found wherever rats frequent. Smudge marks appear as greasy patches on floors and walls as a result of the pests’ dirty fur rubbing up against a surface. Finally, rats use their large front teeth to chew access holes into walls and gnaw open food containers. These openings are ragged around the edges and may only be as large as a half an inch in diameter.

Noises & Smells

Homeowners should also listen for rustling, clawing, and squeaking sounds coming from inside wall cavities. These sounds intensify in the evenings when the rodents are preparing for a night of activity. Another sure sign of a rat infestation is the pungent smell of urine concentrated within the walls where the pests nest.

Dangers & Removal

Rats carry harmful diseases that are spread to humans by way of direct contact, contaminated surfaces, and food and water. These diseases include tularemia, leptospirosis, salmonella, and plague. Their gnawing and chewing also causes problems since gnawed cables can short and start electrical fires. Removing rats in the walls can be extremely difficult since they are suspicious of new objects like traps and baits. Contact a professional pest removal company for best results. Trutech employs highly skilled animal control technicians who are equipped to clear out rat infestations and safeguard houses against unwanted pest infestations.