Rats Underneath the Deck

rat in treesRats are consistently searching for nesting locations that protect them from predators and the elements and offer steady supplies of food and water. Therefore, decks, with their overhead cover and seclusion, make the perfect nesting sites. Since rats can fit through small openings, they easily worm their way underneath decks where they enjoy relative safety and comfort. Furthermore, rats under decks are typically able to find entrance into homes, where they pilfer food supplies.

Signs of Rats under the Deck

Since rats are primarily active at night, infestations are able to go undetected for some time. However, knowing what to look for allows property owners to notice the presence of rats under decks sooner. Telltale signs of rat infestations include scratching and squeaking noises, the presence and smell of urine and excrement, and remnants of nesting materials like ripped up insulation. A clever way to detect the presence of rats under decks is to place newspaper over the openings. After a few days, if the paper is ripped or gone, property owners should assume they’re dealing with an infestation.

Dangers & Removal

There are two main reasons to eradicate populations of rats under decking quickly. First, the pests are responsible for the spread of numerous diseases such as tularemia and rat-bite fever. Second, rats damage property and can be the cause of serious financial hardship. Property owners with rat infestations deal with the gnawing and subsequent weakening of wooden support beams in addition to the risk of fire that comes from the pests chewing on electrical wiring. To avoid these issues and eliminate the pests, individuals should contact local wildlife control services.