Evidence of Rat Infestations

Both Norway rats and roof rats thrive throughout the U.S. The Norway species tends to be solitary, but an infestation can still consist of up to 40 rodents in a single home. In contrast, roof rats are more social and will live in colonies of over 100 rodents. Signs of rats include visual, sound, and scent clues.

Signs of Rats in the House or Attic

There are a number of ways to discover an infestation within a home, such as noticing:

  • Droppings – Fresh rat poop is black, shiny, and about the size of a raisin.
  • Rat hair – Shed fur may snag on rough wood or inside pantries and cabinets.
  • Smears and smudges – Oil from rat fur transfers to surfaces as the pests move.
  • Holes – Rats chew ragged openings in food packages and containers.
  • Noises – Homeowners may hear scratching, squeaking, and gnawing sounds coming from attics, crawl spaces, or walls.
  • Odor – Rodents have a musky scent that gets stronger as populations grow.

Signs of Rats in the Yard

Finding evidence of rats near lawns and gardens often means the pests have nests in outbuildings or under porches and decks. Signs of rats outdoors include:

  • Runways – Rats will travel repeatedly to food sources and leave worn trails in grass or mud.
  • Tracks – Footprints left behind in dust or moist earth can help residents find rodent nests.
  • Burrows – Holes about four inches wide leading into narrow tunnels are a specific sign of Norway rats.

Homeowners who find signs of rats in the home, yard, or attic should contact the pest control experts at Trutech for efficient rodent exclusion and removal.