Raccoons Beneath Decks of Homes

racoons under decksSeeking shelter from predators and harsh weather, raccoons often end up denning on private properties. Some of their favorite nesting sites include hollowed trees, the abandoned dens of other animals, attics, and under decks. The spaces beneath decks are especially inviting because they allow raccoons to remain in close proximity to sources of food and water.

Signs of a Raccoon under the Deck

Property owners may be alerted to the presence of raccoons under decks through various sights, sounds, and smells. The pests designate an area to eliminate waste, known as raccoon latrines, that smell abhorrently and contribute to the spread of disease. Finding a latrine in the yard is a sure sign of infestation. Additionally, raccoons make scratching noises and vocalizations throughout the night that may keep residents awake. The presence of tracks around private properties also points to the existence of raccoons under decks. Finally, individuals can test for the presence of the pests by situating a few sticks just outside deck openings. Placing them so that no animal could move through without disturbing the sticks allows for safe raccoon detection.

Dangers of Racoons under your deck

In the search for food, raccoons damage property and enter homes. Their natural curiosity and intelligence allows them to cause significant destruction by breaking into trash bins, pilfering insulation from walls, and removing external shingles or siding. Additionally, raccoons put people and pets at risk of contracting various diseases. For these reasons, wildlife professionals who possesses the tools and know-how should be called to humanely remove raccoons under decks and porches.

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I had an encounter with a raccoon on my back deck. I have two toddlers and two dogs, which makes me nervous about this animal. It started hissing and screeching at me, which was startling because I did not see it until all the noises started. What should we do? I have only seen raccoons one other time last fall and never again, but I don't want to get hurt.

-Acworth, GA


Raccoons on decks near homes can be a serious risk to health and safety. Raccoons can transmit disease and cause serious injury to people and animals. When raccoons approach humans, they may seem docile and tame, but they are still wild animals and can behave erratically and attack without provocation. Dogs will approach and become curious around wild animals and will potentially corner an animal, causing aggression and fear. Children will also approach wild animals, not realizing the potential danger, and think an animal is cute or tame, but the animal will still respond to a perceived danger and potentially attack.

Trutech can remove animal threats quickly by trapping and removing animals and thinning the population to limit animal interaction. In addition, our technicians can seal the home to prevent raccoon entry and trap to control the local population. Ensure children and pets do not approach wild animals and call Trutech to limit exposure and control activity and interactions.