photo of raccoons at night

The Problematic Raccoon

Raccoons may be one of the most pervasive wildlife pests found in the United States. Since they spread diseases and make messes in yards, it’s no wonder homeowners want them gone as soon as they appear. Unfortunately, a raccoon’s lifespan allows the pest to hang around for several years unless homeowners take action.

Exactly How Long Do Raccoons Live?

Though these animals only mate once a year, females give birth to between three and seven offspring. The baby raccoons live with their mothers for almost a year before venturing out on their own, which means homeowners can get stuck with major infestations.

The average raccoon lifespan is about five years, though many kits die before reaching adulthood. The longest surviving wild raccoon lived for 16 years, while a captive raccoon’s lifespan can last as long as 21.


In order to stop raccoons from causing issues, homeowners should take action at the first sign of activity. Contacting the professionals at Trutech ensures adult raccoons and their kits will be removed in a timely fashion.