raccoon photo

Raccoons in Winter

As temperatures drop, raccoons develop a heavier coat and consume as much food as possible to ready themselves for winter. Developing a healthy layer of fat will insulate them from the cold and provide extra energy when food gets scarce.

Do Raccoons Hibernate?

Thanks to all of these wintertime preparations, raccoons do not hibernate. They stay active throughout the winter and sleep in raccoon dens only during the worst weather.

Where Do Raccoons Sleep?

In the wild, raccoons sleep in tree hollows, rock crevices, and the empty burrows of other animals. If given the chance, they also nest in chimneys and crawl spaces in urban areas. Raccoon dens serve as a safe resting place for the animals during the day and a home for growing offspring.

Finding Raccoon Dens

For most of the year, raccoons shift their resting sites at random every few days. However, females caring for their young may stay in a nest for several weeks, and groups of raccoons can hole up together during harsh weather. Homeowners who discover a raccoon den should call Trutech for quick and safe removal.