photo of raccoon at night

Are Raccoons Omnivores?

While “what do raccoons eat?” is a common question, it might be quicker to explain what they don’t eat. Raccoons are omnivores and scavengers, so they consume almost anything. However, fish, insects, and nuts are a main part of their diet. In suburban areas, raccoons eat scraps from trash cans, fruit from gardens, and food from pet bowls.

Nimble Paws

The pests have five agile toes on each paw. These act as fingers to help them pry open mollusks, nuts, and other tough-to-eat parts of the raccoon diet. Their clever paws also allow raccoons to roll up lawn sod and pop the lids off of trash.

Problems Caused by the Raccoon Diet

When raccoons eat leftovers from the garbage, they often leave behind a terrible mess. The pests may also create small holes in lawns when they dig for insects. Homeowners can keep raccoons away by using trash cans with tight-fitting lids, cleaning up after barbeques, and only feeding pets indoors.

When hungry raccoons on the property become an issue, residents should call the pest removal specialists at Trutech for safe, humane removal.