photo of raccoon outside

What Are Baby Raccoons Called?

A baby raccoon is called a kit. These pests mate in winter and give birth by late spring. Being born so early in the year gives kits a chance to build and store plenty of fat to survive the winter.

How Many Babies Do Raccoons Have?

Raccoons give birth to a litter of two to seven kits that rely on their mother for food and shelter. This is why finding a female together with her young in the attic or yard is not uncommon. Baby raccoons have trouble surviving through their first winter if they don’t get enough food during warmer seasons.

Where Do Baby Raccoons Live?

Urban and suburban areas are hotspots for raccoons. Kits often hide in dens under houses, sheds, or other structures while their mothers search for food. These animals gather trash and scraps from humans and are often comfortable in populated areas.

How Are Baby Raccoons Dangerous?

Like most mammals, raccoons can carry rabies and other diseases. Kits often carry Baylisascaris, which are parasitic roundworms that release eggs into the young pests’ feces. This waste can infect humans and pets if handled or ingested.

A baby raccoon is easily scared when separated from mother. If touched or grabbed, kits will bite and scratch to defend themselves. Trutech experts are trained in the humane removal and handling of these pests.