Is it a Rabbit or Hare?

Rabbit sitting on grass

Rabbits and hares are in the same family, but the two pests are actually different species. While people sometimes use the terms interchangeably, hares are larger with longer ears and are not as social as rabbits.

The difference between rabbits and hares is also clear from where they live and their young. Hares tend to live above ground whereas rabbits usually build their warrens under the soil.

Newborn rabbits are born small and hairless with closed eyes. In contrast, a hare is fully developed from the start with open eyes and a full coat of fur.

There are a few other differences between a rabbit and a hare. For example:

  • Hares tend to stay in wooded areas. Rabbits like to stick to dense vegetation.
  • Rabbits dive for cover and hide from predators, but hares rely on speed to outrun their enemies.
  • Hares change their fur color to match the seasons, while a rabbit’s coat stays the same year-round.

Rabbit vs. Hare Problems

Since the two are so alike, the problems they cause are also similar. Rabbits cause homeowners grief by raiding gardens to eat a variety of crops, flowers, and bulbs. Hares can girdle trees when feeding.

Both carry parasites, and rabbits can pass along the bacteria that causes tularemia.

Controlling a Rabbit or Hare Infestation

Habitat modification, like fencing, is usually the best way to keep these pests off the property. Repellents and other chemical deterrents may also work but are costly and time-consuming. To ensure that rabbits and hares stay out, contact the professionals at Trutech.