Why Rabbits Go under Homes

Areas under homes provide ideal denning sites for pesky rabbits. They can create extensive burrows under houses and similar structures. Commonly residing in residential areas with rich vegetation, rabbits under the house construct their nests in locations where they are protected from predators, can find ample food, and can hide their young. The abandoned burrows of other animals are also frequently used and can lead rabbits underneath homes.

Problems & Damage

Rabbits under the house can jeopardize the structural integrity of the home when they burrow, as their tunnel networks weaken the durability of structures. The pesky critters also tear and gnaw through housing materials in their attempts to construct a secure denning location. Because of their appetite for vegetation, rabbits destroy landscaping around homes when they consume flowers, shrubbery, and tree bark.

The pests can also carry the disease called rabbit fever, which is transferrable to humans. Household pets are at risk for contracting fleas, ticks, and lice from rabbits under the house, as well.

Control & Removal

Getting rid of rabbits under the house often requires the services of a trained wildlife removal expert. Rabbits are rampant breeders that leave their young in their nests under homes, which becomes problematic when attempting removal. The wildlife professionals at Trutech will make sure that baby rabbits are not left underneath foundations, decks, or sheds when removing adults. They will humanely trap and remove any rabbits under the house and help prevent the future return of the pesky critters.