What Attracts Rabbits to Yards?

Yards are popular nesting sites for rabbits. The pests are drawn to bushes, trees, tall grasses, and piles of debris commonly found on private properties. Lush vegetation not only serves as excellent shelter for them, but also acts as a food source. Rabbits enjoy flowers, vegetables, and the bark from various types of fruit and ornamental trees.


Rabbits in the yard are known to severely damage landscaping by eating flowers. They also strip bark from trees and uproot plants in gardens. Additionally, the pests nest under sheds and burrow near home foundations, which undermines the structural integrity of these buildings. Rabbits can also carry many diseases like tularemia, also known as rabbit fever. They can be hosts for ticks, fleas, lice, and mites, as well.


Property owners can limit rabbits’ access to yards by erecting fences that are two feet tall or higher. Installing hardware cloth around trees and avoiding plants they like also helps prevent their presence. Once rabbits in the yard are already established, the best way to eliminate them is to contact the trained rabbit removal experts from Trutech.

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We have a rabbit problem in our lawn and landscaping. Can you help?

-Rockingham, VA


Rabbits can be very destructive. Some are very easy to trap and some are not. Their cooperation seems to be linked to their food source. If they are foraging for potential meals, then we can usually trap them. If they are keyed in on a specific food source, then we will use this to our advantage if possible. If not, then immediate removal may be an option.