Is There a Rabbit in the Attic?

Rabbits can enter homes but usually do so by mistake. Not known as good climbers, they are typically found at the ground floor, in garages and basements, and under foundations. In rare cases, rabbits could be found in the attic. More often than not, however, it is probably another pest animal.

Squirrels, rats, and mice are all expert climbers and can regularly be found in attics, making nests and causing damage. Homeowners unfamiliar with local pests could mistake one of these animals for rabbits in the attic.

Control & Removal

Most damage caused by rabbits occurs around the yard and in gardens. When the pests enter homes, they can be considered nuisances at best. Rabbits can carry harmful, disease-causing bacteria and can host numerous parasites including fleas and ticks. If a rabbit is found in the attic or anywhere else indoors, contacting a the trained wildlife removal specialists at Trutech is always the best course of action.