Why Rabbits Are Attracted to Gardens

Wild rabbits mostly eat vegetation and nest on the edges of wooded areas and thickets in suburban neighborhoods. As these habitats are often located in close proximity to private properties, the pests are able to walk onto lawns and pilfer vegetables and flowers from gardens. Flowerbeds provide them with steady access to food and are easily accessible, which makes infestations of rabbits in gardens common.

Problems Caused

During warm months, rabbits feed mainly on flowering crops, while winter drives them to eat the bark off trees. Since the pests have distinct, clipped bite marks, identifying infestations of rabbits in gardens is easy. Their feeding causes extensive girdling, especially to younger trees, and can lead to the death of foliage. They also consume vegetables that were otherwise meant for human consumption and cost property owners money by uprooting plants.

Control & Removal

In order to properly protect gardens from rabbits, there are several exclusion and removal options you can seek. Wire guards around tree trunks in addition to fencing around gardens can effectively keep the pests from eating vegetation. Removing brush piles and other forms of cover also helps keep rabbits from nesting on private properties. Of course, the only sure method of control is contacting a professional wildlife removal service. The trained specialists at Trutech can safely and legally remove rabbits in gardens.