Finding Rabbits in the Garage

As their diet is composed mostly of vegetation, rabbits are consistently drawn to private properties with luscious grass, ornamental lawn trees, and vegetable gardens. Their close proximity to manmade buildings often leads them into homes, sheds, and even garages.

Generally speaking, finding a rabbit in the garage means the animal is confused. However, the pests may also infiltrate these spaces for shelter from the elements or to search for food in outdoor garbage bins.

Problems Caused by Rabbit Infestations

Rabbits in garages cause plenty of issues by chewing on wiring and damaging expensive lawn care tools and even motor vehicles. Since they aren’t likely to stay in the confines of a garage, rabbits also cause destruction to the surrounding property by consuming garden crops and other foliage.

When grass and leaves are in short supply, rabbits strip the bark from sprouts and seedlings, stunting their growth. More seriously, accumulations of rabbit urine and feces can contribute to the spread of disease and make for unsanitary conditions.


Handling wild rabbits is ill-advised and often leads to injury or disease transmission. Instead of attempting to remove rabbits from garages without assistance, property owners should leave removal to wildlife experts. The specialists at Trutech understand how to best handle rabbit infestations and offer tips on keeping the pests out of garages in the future.