Why Rabbits Go into Houses

While rabbits are much more well-known for digging up gardens, eating ornamental lawn plants, and generally wreaking havoc on residential yards, they only occasionally enter homes. Usually when homeowners find rabbits inside, the pests have entered by mistake.

However, they may also force entry to gain access to food, water, or shelter. This is especially common in regions that experience cold, harsh winters. Rabbits may burrow under porches or slip through cracks in the siding or foundation to get into the house.


Rabbits in the house are capable of causing significant damage. They nibble on wiring and eat through drywall. They also disrupt the soil around building foundations, which can undermine the structural integrity. Rabbits also spread germs via their feces. If the pests get trapped inside walls without homeowner knowledge, they may die, which poses several other health hazards.


Property owners can reduce the possibility of attracting rabbits to the house by fencing off gardens, removing plant debris from yards, and securing garbage bins, which limits available food. However, if the pests have already invaded, residents should contact a wildlife control service. The trained experts at Trutech have the tools and knowledge to remove rabbits in the house and help homeowners safeguard against future problems.