Nesting Nuisances

Pigeons thrive in almost every state across the U.S. These pests take over city sidewalks and stain siding with their acidic droppings. Built in sheltered nooks around homes, barns, and sheds, pigeon roosts are also unsightly and unpleasant.

Pigeon Nest Materials

The male chooses the nesting site, bringing straw and other items to the female to make the roost. A pigeon nest starts as a loose platform of sticks and twigs. Even if trapped and displaced, a pair of pigeons will return to the same nesting area again and again.

Unlike other birds, pigeons don’t clear away waste from their nestlings while in the roost. Instead, droppings in the pigeon nest mix with twigs, straw, and unhatched or broken eggs. This makes the structure sturdier and more foul-smelling over time.

Pigeon Roost Dangers

Dust control gear is critical when clearing away pigeon nests because of the waste inside. The pests’ droppings may spread histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis, which is especially dangerous for people with immune system disorders. For safe pigeon control, call the trained professionals at Trutech.