Pigeon Repellents

Pigeons are common city and suburban pests, as they generally live close to humans. Assembling in large flocks, the birds can quickly annoy residents. Thankfully, there are several pigeon deterrents available to keep the pests away from houses and other buildings.

  • Porcupine wire and bird spikes – These are fastened to windowsills, ledges, and other places where pigeons perch to prevent roosting.
  • Frightening devices – Noise makers and predator decoys may scare the pests away.
  • Bird netting – Hanging this special material over flat surfaces or around trees can keep birds from landing.
  • Electric hot wires – This method delivers small shocks when the pests land.
  • Chemical Repellents – Some products may be spread on ledges and trees to irritate birds’ feet or create a sticky texture they dislike.

Almost every pigeon deterrent comes with certain issues. Bird spikes and wire are difficult to keep clean because they collect feathers and feces. Additionally, noise and frightening devices are less effective over time. Electric and chemical deterrents can be costly and dangerous to use or install.

Controlling Pigeons

The use of pigeon repellent and exclusion methods can cut down on the number of birds roosting in or around the home. However, since their droppings are rife with disease-causing pathogens, clean up and installation of these deterrents can cause problems. In order to safely keep pigeons away, contact the professionals at Trutech.