What Attracts Pigeons?

Pigeons are the most common pest birds in the U.S. Adaptable to many environments, they depend on humans for survival and gather in groups to feed on food that people leave behind. A pigeon’s diet can dictate where the bird lives, as it often nests near food sources.

Pigeon Diet

Since these pests are scavengers, pigeons usually eat scraps. They spend most of their time in open areas scrounging for seeds, insects, and fruit. The birds often feed in large flocks on patio leftovers or trash. Pigeons eat from garbage cans and even risk their lives to pick through roadside rubbish.

What Do Pigeons Eat in Yards and Gardens?

Bird feeders and food scraps attract pigeons to properties, where they build nests and breed rapidly. Even fruit trees and vegetable gardens can bring flocks uncomfortably close to home. Some cities have rules against the intentional feeding of pigeons to keep them away.

Damage from Pigeon Activity

The birds’ acidic droppings are a direct result of the varied pigeon diet. Their feces can ruin vinyl siding and degrade paint colors on homes and vehicles. This waste also kills vegetation and has a terrible odor. When pigeons become a concern around the house, call Trutech for efficient and affordable pest removal.