Types of Pack Rat Traps

There are no special traps for pack rats. Instead, homeowners looking to control infestations are usually offered standard rodent traps such as snap, cage, and burrow entrance traps, as well as glue boards.

Do Pack Rat Traps Work?

This control measure is surprisingly effective. Since the pests are drawn to strange objects in their surroundings, they’re extremely susceptible to traps.

Unfortunately, trapping is not a long-term solution to pack rat problems. Homeowners are better off targeting factors that attract rodents in the first place such as poorly stored food or breaches leading into homes.

Other Issues with Pack Rat Traps

Though trapping pack rats has a higher rate of success than other methods, this doesn’t mean it’s the best way to get rid of infestations. These animals often host a number of disease-carrying parasites in their fur, which means getting too close can be a health risk.

Also, after using a pack rat trap, homeowners are left to dispose of the animal in addition to dealing with the disgusting nest the pest leaves behind.

Instead of inviting the dangers of DIY trapping, contact the professionals at Trutech for safe and effective removal of pack rats.