Signs of an Opossum in the Yard

Since opossums are nocturnal, their presence in yards is not always readily apparent. Property owners must lookout for signs of the destruction they cause in order to catch opossum infestations early. Missing pet food, knocked over garbage cans, and holes under decks or porches point to the existence of opossum problems.

Other signs include finding tracks, scat, and seeing or hearing the pest as it moves about from one den site to another. Opossums also dig up sod and gardens in search of easy insect meals, although this kind of behavior is more commonly attributed to raccoons and skunks.

Control & Removal

The most effective way to keep opossums from entering yards is to eliminate access to food sources and possible den sites. Remove brush and leaf litter as well as rock and wood piles. Fence in areas around porches and sheds in addition to securing trash cans with tight-fitting lids. Keep in mind, opossums carry various parasites harmful to both humans and pets and can also be vectors of potentially dangerous illnesses and diseases. Contacting the trained, wildlife control specialists at Trutech is strongly recommended for the removal of problematic opossums in the yard.

Questions Customer Have About Opossums In The Yard


We have an opossum problem. It walks on top of the wooden fence in the yard late at night and our dog goes nuts when he hears it.

-Lafayette, LA


We recommend an inspection done by one of our professionals. We will inspect the property and see what, if anything, in-particular is attracting the opossum to your yard. Most likely a humane trapping session will be recommended to safely remove and relocate the opossum from your yard.


We have two opossums that seem to stay around our house and eat our cat’s food on the front porch. They will hiss at the kids when they come up at night. We have set a trap and the only thing we have caught is one of our cats. Do you come out to remove opossums? We have been trying to catch them for about a week with no luck. One is a baby. The other must be the mom. We want to catch them both and turn them loose at the river. Please let me know what you could do. Thanks!

-Morris, AL


We absolutely can help you with your problem. While wildlife can be a fun thing to watch, they can also be extremely terrifying when hissing at your children (this hissing is often just a scare tactic). In general, opossums are docile, non-aggressive animals that prefer escape over confrontations. However, like most other animals, they will bite in self-defense. There are a host of diseases opossums can carry, and they are normally covered in fleas, which is why it is best to remove them from the premises and it be done by a trained wildlife removal technician.

The best course of action would be for a Trutech Wildlife Technician to set up some traps in the area where the opossum activity is occurring. Upon successful trapping of the animal, it will be removed by the wildlife Technician and the animal will be handled according to the regulations set down by the appropriate government agency. Additionally, upon inspection of your property, there may be opportunities for us to address how we may keep this from happening in the future. These opportunities may include changing feeding habits for the family pets to seeking out places they may be denning and closing those down. Rest assured, while this opportunity is unique to you, we deal with this every day and are extremely adept at solving your problem.