Sounds Opossums Make

While opossums are known for rolling over and playing dead to avoid predation, they more frequently act aggressively and make a variety of noises such as hissing, growling, and screeching. During mating season, the pests also use a series of clicking noises and other auditory signals reminiscent of birds to communicate with their young. Additionally, they forage for food at night, and residents of infested properties may hear opossum sounds like rustling coming from outside.

Dangers & Removal

Since opossums routinely den under porches, decks, and inside attics, residents may be alerted to infestations when they hear the various noises the pests make. Most opossum sounds will be heard at night because the pests are nocturnal.

Opossums can carry numerous parasites and dangerous diseases that can infect both humans and pets. In order to effectively remove opossums from homes, residents should contact the local wildlife removal specialists at Trutech upon hearing opossum sounds.