Why Opossums Go Under Houses, Decks, and Porches

Opossums, like most other pest mammals, seek shelter under porches, decks, and homes to gain protection from the elements and predators. Small openings in porch and deck siding as well as holes in building foundations grant the pests access to these spaces. Since residential areas often provide plentiful food and water, opossums are highly motivated to set up dens on private properties and will use their sharp claws to force entry if necessary.

Signs of Infestation & Damage

The presence of an opossum under the house is usually made evident by the collection of feces and urine. Accumulations of excrement contribute to the spread of diseases, and opossums are known carriers of leptospirosis, tuberculosis, and tularemia. They regularly feed on garden crops and forage in trash bins, which leads to unsightly messes. Additionally, opossums can inflict serious harm with their teeth. Pets and small children should be monitored when outside if individuals suspect infestations of opossums under the house, deck, or porch.


Property owners can employ habitat modification methods to reduce the possibility of finding opossums under houses, decks, or porches, such as covering holes big enough for the pests to crawl through with mesh wiring, bringing pet food inside overnight, and finding tightly fitted lids for outdoor garbage bins. However, these prevention techniques are by no means foolproof. When faced with an opossum under the house, residents should contact the local wildlife control experts at Trutech.