How Do Opossums Get in the House?

Opossums are typically quite happy outside. However, the temptation of warm, sheltered houses full of food is sometimes too great to resist. Although the nocturnal pests are slow on their feet, they are excellent climbers and use this skill to reach open attic windows. Opossums are also proficient diggers that can burrow their way inside homes. The pests are about the size of an average house cat and will come inside through pet doors if they are feeling bold.


Wild opossums mostly feed on carrion, insects, and vegetable matter. The pests quickly become nuisances in residential areas when they damage gardens and make messes of unsecured garbage cans in search of their preferred food sources. They also tear up the ground when digging burrows and leave their excrement on lawns and patios. While opossums are not aggressive, they will bite and scratch in self-defense and can spread diseases such as rabies, leptospirosis, tularemia, and spotted fever.

Prevention & Exclusion

To prevent the presence of opossums in the house, property owners should enclose areas under decks and patios with mesh wire, as these are popular denning sites. Bring outdoor pet food inside overnight and secure garbage bins with tightly fitting lids to take away easy access to food sources. Securely fasten attic windows and seal gaps in exterior walls. Trimming back overhanging tree branches will also make it harder for opossums to access roofs and attics.


Untrained individuals should never attempt to handle opossums found in or around the house. Instead, contact a wildlife control specialist to remove the animal. The experts at Trutech are trained to get rid of opossums in houses in the most humane ways possible and can help prevent future infestations.

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I believe I have an opossum living at my house near Dallas. Would you be able to help me get rid of it?

-Garland, TX

Yes, if the opossum is in your home, or just living outside near your home, we can undertake a trapping session to remove the problem animal or animals. This process usually takes between 5-7 days depending on the amount of animals in the area. If it’s one opossum, we may be able to catch it in the first night. If there are multiple opossums, it may take up to a week to catch and remove all of them. Regardless, Trutech will solve the issue.

If the opossum was living inside your home, we will perform exclusion services to prevent future activity. In most situations, an opossum will access a crawl space or attic when entry points are available. Entry points may consist of damaged gable end vents, foundation vents, soffit, chew holes, roof returns, etc. Trutech will reinforce and repair weak or damaged areas on your home so they don’t become entry points for wildlife. Exclusion work performed by Trutech is backed by a warranty. This ensures that you can get rid of the opossums in your home once and for all.