Get Rid of Mice in the House

mice in the houseHouse mice are drawn to the warmth and abundant food that human homes provide. Using their natural agility and clever instincts, house mice can enter homes by squeezing through cracks as small as a quarter of an inch in diameter, running along wires and cables, climbing walls, and swimming up through drains. Once inside, the curious creatures explore their surroundings and establish nests in dark, secluded places.

Signs of Mice in the Home

Mice are mainly nocturnal but can be active during the day as well. Aside from seeing mice scurry about the house, homeowners can identify the presence of mouse infestations by looking for the other telltale signs the rodents leave behind. These may include droppings, greasy smudge marks, urine, and holes gnawed in walls and food containers. A single mouse can produce over 50 pellet-shaped droppings in a day, depositing them around their food sources and near their nests. Their oily, dirty fur also leaves greasy smudges when they rub up against walls. Deposits of urine often accumulate around mounds of dirt and grease. Mouse holes can be identified by tiny tooth marks and collections of wood chips where small cracks in baseboards, walls, or window frames have been enlarged. Mice also excretea musky smell that can clue homeowners in to their presence.

Removal from Home

Getting rid of house mice can be daunting for inexperienced homeowners. There are many commercially available traps and baits, but the creatures reproduce so rapidly and pose such a great hazard to human health that their expedient removal should be entrusted to a pest control company. Mice are capable of spreading diseases like leptospirosis, meningitis, tularemia, and salmonellosis by contaminating food and letting their excrement accrue around the house. Trutech employs teams of highly skilled animal removal technicians who are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to eliminate house mice and safeguard homes against the threats they create.

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We have mice in our basement and would like to stop them from getting in.

-Overland Park, KS


Trutech can certainly help out with this problem. A licensed technician will come out and perform a thorough inspection of your home to locate areas of inhabitants as well the areas where the mice are gaining entry. Upon completion of the inspection, we will begin the trapping process which typically takes 10-14 days. Once we are sure the mice have been removed from the home, we will seal the current and potential areas of entry. In addition to trapping and exclusion, we recommend an ongoing population control service that is maintained on the exterior of home. Mice are rodents who naturally gnaw on virtually everything and by placing baiting and monitoring equipment around the perimeter of the home we can reduce the exterior population and minimize the chances of mice regaining entry into your home.


We have mice. I caught one with a no-kill trap and the others have gotten wise to my tricks. I need help!

-Austin, TX


For mice, the only way to solve an issue long-term is with a monthly baiting program. When a monthly service begins, Trutech will set many traps in the house where activity occurs. We will return frequently over the next 5-7 days to remove any mice caught and reset traps. Once the initial population of mice is removed from the home, we will begin our exterior baiting program.

Trutech uses locked, tamper-proof rodent bait stations to control populations in your area. This baiting method will attract rodents in the area to our stations, preventing them from making their way into your home. Because rodents rely heavily on other rodent scent trails, once we start having activity on our bait stations, we will continue having activity as long as we return monthly to ensure the stations are refilled. This is the quickest and most efficient way to get the mice out of your home, and keep them out!