Are Mice Dangerous?

Small, quick, and able to go almost anywhere, mice are some of nature’s most efficient disease transmitters. Numerous illnesses are caused by mice, with many leading to severe health problems if not treated quickly.

How Mice Spread Disease

Mice can infect people through bites, urine, and feces, as well as fleas and other parasites found in their fur. To prevent potential health threats, mouse infestations should always be addressed promptly.

Diseases from Bites

Mouse bites can cause hantavirus, a serious respiratory ailment that can be fatal. This illness may also come from inhaling dust from old mouse droppings. Another disease that results from a mouse bite, rat-bite fever often leads to flu-like symptoms and a rash.

Other Mice Diseases

Leptospirosis is another flu-like illness carried in bacteria found in mouse urine. This bacteria can stay alive in water and soil for months. Without treatment, afflicted people are at risk for permanent kidney and liver damage, breathing problems, and even death. Other mice diseases include:

  • Plague, a disease passed to humans bitten by fleas from infected mice
  • Babesiosis, an illness spread by mouse ticks, which can be fatal for children and the elderly
  • Salmonellosis, a bacterial infection that comes from foods contaminated by mouse waste

Sharing a residence with mice and other rodents can result in both costly damage and illness. At the first sign of their presence, homeowners should call Trutech for professional removal.