Non-Chemical Mouse Deterrents

The most proven methods for deterring mice without chemicals include proper sanitation and rodent-proof construction. Proper sanitation practices extend beyond simply sweeping floors, including:

  • Reducing available shelter both inside and outside the home
  • Keeping woodpiles away from foundations and off the ground
  • Removing or modifying birdfeeders
  • Securing food and pet food in airtight containers

Mice are able to survive with limited food, shelter, and water. This is why sanitation efforts must be combined with exclusion tactics to successfully deter them from homes. Use mouse deterrents like the following:

  • Make sure doors, windows, and screens fit tightly.
  • Use a combination of steel wool and caulking to eliminate any openings.
  • Install door sweeps.

Effective Mouse Exclusion and Removal

Some other non-poisonous mouse deterrents are electronic devices and sensory repellents. While these are safe to use around the house, these methods are largely ineffective.

Chemical deterrents and traps are also options, but can be harmful to children and pets. The professional services provided by Trutech include multi-level approaches to pest management aimed at reducing rodents in homes.