Get Rid of Mice in the Yard

mice in yardMice are some of the most abundant mammals in the United States and are comfortable making their homes in grassy lawns and wooded lots. Some mice are also skilled climbers that spend much of their time in trees, occupying abandoned bird or squirrel nests. They are small creatures with long, thin tails and large, round ears. Their fur is usually brown or gray on top while their bellies can be white or light gray.


Homeowners can deter the presence of mice in backyards by keeping a vigilant eye open for signs of mouse activity and then eradicating infestations as soon as they appear. As rodents dig up newly planted seeds and young plants from gardens and flowerbeds, property owners should regularly check these areas for signs of destruction. Mouse nests, which look like balls of grass and shredded plant fibers, may be found among the roots of shrubs, under piles of branches, or within secluded spaces like hollow logs and unused sheds. Since the presence of mice in backyards drastically heightens the possibility of indoor infestations, homeowners should take immediate action against outdoor populations.

Removal from Yard

Infestations of mice in the backyard should be removed to protect households from the dangerous diseases that mice harbor. Mouse excrement can contaminate food and water with illnesses such as Hantavirus, tularemia, salmonellosis, leptospirosis, and plague. In the backyard, mice will destroy garden crops and make their way inside once cold weather arrives, where they quickly become an even greater threat to human health and safety. At the first sign of mice in the backyard, contact the wildlife control experts at Trutech. Our certified pest control technicians can remove the troublesome rodents and secure the house against the illnesses they carry.

Questions Customers Have About Mice in the Backyard


About 6 months ago, I put 4 wheels and tires on my back porch. My girlfriend was out there the other day and saw some mice or maybe rats on the top of the tires. We would like to get them off my porch. They were not there before we put these wheels and tires out there.

-Charleston, SC


First, it would be a good idea to remove the tires from the porch because they can be potential nesting places for rodents. Then, a baiting program should be sufficient to help deplete the rodent population around your home on a consistent basis. We would also complete a trapping session to remove the rodents causing the immediate problem. If the porch is screened in, compromised barriers should be noted and sealed up. The rest of the home should follow suit; any gaps that could be used for pest entry into the home should be sealed. Our Specialist will also inspect any attic or crawl space areas for activity and address any problems found in those areas as well.