How Do Moles Get into Gardens?

While tunneling, moles use their powerful, shovel-like feet to scoop away the soil. Their digging often leads to unintentional garden or lawn damage, as the process tears at the roots of vegetables, herbs, grasses, and flowers. As skilled burrowers, moles easily make their way through the soft, upturned soil of backyard gardens in search of food.

What Attracts Moles to Gardens?

Insects and grubs are moles’ main food sources. Digging through the ground builds up a large appetite, which means that moles are constantly on the hunt for worms, beetle larvae, and other insects found within the soil. Since moles’ favorite foods are typically attracted to gardens by roots or decaying plant matter, flower beds are excellent hunting grounds for the pests. Additionally, garden soil is generally loose and moist, which makes it easy for moles to tunnel through.


Although there are several types of mole repellents and traps commercially available, these often provide only short-term solutions to problems with moles in gardens. Getting rid of moles in the garden often requires the assistance of trained professionals, since the pests can be difficult to trap and remove. The wildlife removal experts at Trutech have the knowledge and experience necessary to humanely remove troublesome moles and keep household gardens free from damage.