How Moles Get Under Houses

Moles spend their time almost exclusively underground and often tunnel up to 100 feet in a day. Though their runways are typically located just below the surface of the soil, their permanent shelters can be found as deep as a foot underground. At that depth, the pests are only able to burrow under homes without concrete basements, which usually extend a dozen or so feet into the earth.

What Attracts Moles?

The undersides of trailers, as well as the areas under raised porches, stoops, and sheds, are dark, warm, moist, and secluded, which is the kind of environment moles enjoy. Additionally, these areas are home to the earthworms and insects that moles prefer to eat. As such, moles are drawn to these spaces often.


Property owners generally find mole removal to be extremely challenging once infestations are established. Using over-the-counter baits is only sometimes effective, and exclusion methods take painstaking amounts of time and effort to implement. Once residents notice the presence of moles under the house, they should contact the professionals at Trutech. Our wildlife removal specialists can rid private properties of mole infestations safely, efficiently, and effectively.