How Do Moles Get Inside?

When moles enter homes, it’s typically by accident. Most infestations occur outdoors in gardens and yards. Since the pests are known for their tunneling behavior and live primarily in underground burrows, they generally need to stay outside in the soil. Nevertheless, residents may find moles in the house in basements and cellars from time to time. In most of these cases, the moles are invading older homes with dirt floors, cracks in the foundation, or gaps in the basement windows and panes.


Finding a mole in the house indicates the presence of an infestation somewhere on the property. Residents should check yards and gardens in the event they find a mole in the house. Additionally, pets might bring dead or captured moles inside, where the carcasses will decompose and spread diseases. To avoid this, property owners should contact the trained wildlife control specialists at Trutech at the first sign of mole activity in or around the house.